Your EBHC Sauna Enjoyment Guide

*Benches and fancy wood works by Pepe*

EBHC sauna, nestled under a tree in the west garden, was built by Kari and Leo and some EBHC work parties around 2002. It took a year to build because we used almost all recycled materials and worked once a week or so. Turtle of Think Electric put in the electric for us, gratis. It’s a dry sauna.

Here are some, Do’s:

1. Take two towels, one for sitting on, (sweating on) and one for drying 

off, keeps sauna and you clean. 

2. Fill the bath and/or use the hose for a shower 

3. Take a sauna with an empty stomach; feels better 

4. Drink 1/2 gallon of water per person 

5. Add a pinch of salt and some juice or lime to water for great absorption 

6. put drops of essential oils in the water in the pan on the stove for the 

good smells 

7. put candles on a plate 

8. sweep and tidy up for the next people . 


1. don’t pour water anywhere but down your gullet because water will 

warp and mold the wood and short out the stove 

2. don’t shout and wake neighbors don’t put candles directly on wood or leave them burning with no one in there