EBHC Organization: How it works

The key to developing and maintaining democratic control in a cooperative is the encouragement of Member involvement in the life of the co-op community. Understanding how the co-op organization operates will give you a chance to become more a part of its life as an organization. If Members are knowledgeable about how their co-op operates and try to live by its principles of cooperation, they will work to improve it and keep housing costs as low as possible. In order to provide a system of support and enthusiasm, the co-op must provide an understandable and workable structure.

Such a structure doesn’t come about by accident. It is the result of hard work by some of the original Members and by the NEDCO staff who helped develop the cooperative. Keeping the structure going and making it efficient and fun takes the combined energy of all the Members.

You can play your role and assume your fair share of responsibilities by becoming knowledgeable about how the organization operates and how the co-op is managed. Once you understand what this cooperative is all about you can step forward and take your place at the wheel. The information in this manual seeks to provide you with the foundation of an active Member.