Yearly Task List for House & Grounds

Budget Planning January-March

(start planning the larger projects that will take place during the next budget year, July-June, and the cost of each.)

Gutter Cleaning January

(check for leaks and sagging gutters or down spouts; this job is often hired out)

Roofs Checked January & June

(check for leaks, tears, seals around vents, pipes, or utility connections; this job can be done by the person(s) cleaning the gutters)

Pruning January-February & August-October

(there are fruit trees as well as landscape plants and trees that have a specific time they should be pruned which fall in to these two time frames)

Wood Chips for Play Area March

(check play equipment for splinters or cracks and repair/reseal as needed)

Exterior Window Cleaning May

(check caulking where window meets siding and repair/replace as needed)

Pressure Wash Buildings August

(check siding for holes or cracks and repair/seal as needed; check for peeling paint and touch up as needed AND determine if full paint job is needed and when)

Drainage August

(at time of pressure washing watch how water drains away from buildings; note pooling near foundation or runoff that leads to the foundations and correct where possible)

Raking Leaves October-November

(leaves should cleared from parking lot drainage systems and the gutter systems in the street and used as mulch where directed by the Garden Subcommittee)

Garden Subcommittee February-October

(meets to plan and oversee the actual gardens and plots during the growing season to keep an agreed upon “plan” on schedule)