Use of Laundry Rooms

HOURS – The Main Laundry Room is open from 8 am to 10 pm. The East Laundry Room is open from 9am to 10pm. 

WASHERS/DRYERS – Please don’t put more than 16 pounds of dry clothes at one time (about ¾ full). This saves us money in the long run on repairs. If machines don’t work just notify Coin Meter of the problem and the machine number. 

BACKED-UP CLOTHES – There are traditions in the Laundry Room. If you leave your clothes basket near the machine and leave quarters out, frequently someone will move your clothes along for you in the process. If you want to dry for instance, and there are already clothes in the dryer, put a quarter out and you leave your clothes on top. There have been times where people have found their clothes folded for them! Also, if you find an article of clothing mixed into your load which doesn’t belong to you, don’t put it in the free box. Leave it on the table where its owner can claim it the next time they come in.