Transferring Units

When a unit becomes available, Co-op Members will be given the first opportunity to transfer*.  The Membership Committee will see to it that the availability of the unit is posted on the laundry room doors as soon as possible.  The closing deadline for application will be no less than 7 days after the posting date of the notice.  Co-op Member applications will be judged equally on the following criteria:

1. Qualified family size according to HACSA regulations.

2. Seniority (length of stay at EBHC).

3. Need:

Need for physical space

Environmental needs

Emotional needs

Co-op Members must meet Criteria #1.  All other criteria are equally weighted.

The Membership Committee may schedule interviews of transfer applicants OR may make a decision based on applications.  

The Membership Committee will then make a recommendation to the General Membership for final approval.

When a Member has been approved to transfer, they must:

1. Give a 30 days notice immediately.

2. Pay for any damages or clean-up the same as a Member who vacates EBHC.

3. Reimburse the Co-op for loss of income for up to 14 days after the retiring Member leaves to     protect the Co-op from income loss due to less time to fill a unit (the transferring Member’s unit) because of the time it takes to decide who will be selected for your unit.

*Section 8 rule: during the 1st year of a lease you may not transfer occupancy.