The “New Member Period”

East Blair Housing Co-operative

Created: 9-30-16; Approved by Membership Committee: 5-25-17 Approved by GM with amendments on 7-16-17

This document is a guide that describes the steps for moving an approved applicant (or applicants) through their first (approximately) 90 days at EBHC. It is intended to help New Members, Buddies, Membership Committee, and the General Membership. This document is official EBHC policy.

Process Summary:

When an approved applicant moves in, they begin a “New Member period” of approximately 90 days. If a “New Member”’s membership is terminated (either voluntarily or by the EBHC), they are entitled to their full security deposit (or amount paid to date) minus damages (and/or cleaning) to EBHC property, provided they give 30 days notice for a voluntary termination.

During the (approximately) 90-day New Member period, the New Member(s) must demonstrate that they meet the EBHC Criteria For Membership, which includes fulfilling energy hours and other requirements.

At the end of the New Member period the New Member advances to full membership if: 

  1. The General Membership agrees that the New Member has met the EBHC Criteria For Membership.
  2. The New Member has completed 18 energy hours and all the tasks on the “New Member Participation Progress Sheet.” These hours and tasks should be completed by the New Member’s 80th day.
  3. At the first regularly schedule GM meeting after the New Member’s 80th day, the General Membership comes to consensus minus one that the New Member should advance to full membership. 

For more information see:

  • The Buddy Packet and the “‘BEING A BUDDY’ CHECKLIST”
  • “New Member Participation Progress Sheet” (“Progress Sheet” for short)
  •  “EBHC Criteria For Membership” Document (in draft form as of 5/25/17)


  • Households with multiple new members generally share a Buddy. 
  • Damage/loss deposit is $500 per household (not per member).

Step 1: Interview Meeting (1-30 days before New Member moves in)

New Member is interviewed and approved for membership. Interview must be at a GM Meeting or an “Emergency GM.”  

Actions taken by EBHC:

  • EBHC informs new member that they have been approved to join.
  • New Member is assigned a buddy.
  • EBHC informs New Member that they have 24 hours to submit a $100 deposit (per household). This is a first installment of the $500 damage/loss fee and is non-refundable if new member does not move in.
  • New Member and EBHC decide on a move-in date.


  • EBHC cannot require that a new member move in sooner than 30 days from the Interview Meeting.
  • A new member must move in 31 days or sooner (unless there are special circumstances).

Step 2: 24 hours (or sooner) after the meeting where New Member was approved to join EBHC

New Member submits $100 deposit to EBHC.

Step 3: New Member Move-In Day

New Member officially moves into EBHC. Beginning of the “New Member period.”

Actions taken by EBHC:

  • New Member meets with EBHC Office Manager to sign papers, go over HACSA Section 8 next steps (if applicable), do Section 8 inspection (if required), pay remainder of $500 deposit as well as pet fees (or arrange payment plan), pay rent, and get key.
  • The Buddy gives buddy packet to New Member, begins orienting New Member, and informs New Member of their responsibilities during their first 90 days at EBHC. This includes familiarizing the New Member with the required EBHC Criteria For Membership.
  • New Member and Buddy do move-in inspection of New Member’s unit.


  • The Buddy should complete the “Being a Buddy Checklist” within the New Member’s first two (2) weeks and bring that completed checklist to Membership Committee.

Step 4: New Member’s first 80 days

New Member is oriented to EBHC and is working on the Progress Sheet and 18 energy hours.

Actions taken by EBHC:

  • Buddy should check in regularly with the New Member to make sure that they are feeling comfortable and oriented at EBHC. 
  • Buddy should also monitor New Member’s progress on the “New Member Participation Progress Sheet” and their 18 required energy hours.
  • Buddy and New Member should plan to attend the Membership Committee Meeting on or just before the New Member’s 60th day in order to report on New Member’s progress. Buddy and New Member should also plan to attend the first regularly scheduled GM Meeting after the New Member’s 80th day in order to submit energy hours and Progress Sheet and petition for full membership.


  • In the first 80 days of membership, the New Member must: 
  • Complete every task on the “New Member Participation Progress Sheet” and have these tasks initialed by their Buddy (this is the ‘Membership Fee’).
  • Complete 18 energy hours and mark them in the Energy Hours Book irrespective of the beginning and end of EBHC quarters. New Members are on a separate timetable: they need to complete 18 hours in THEIR first 80 days. However, these energy hours also apply to the standard quarterly requirements.
  • Consistently meet the EBHC Criteria For Membership.

Step 5: New Member’s 60th day

New Member and Buddy attend a Membership Committee Meeting.

Actions taken by EBHC:

  • Membership Committee reviews New Member’s progress. The New Member should be well on their way to completing their Progress Sheet and 18 energy hours.

Step 6: The First Regularly Scheduled GM after the New Member’s 80th day

New Member and Buddy attend the GM meeting.

Actions taken by EBHC:

  • New Member and Buddy present the New Member’s completed “New Member Participation Progress Sheet” and show that the New Member has worked 18 energy hours.
  • New Member is asked to leave the room, and the General Membership comes to consensus minus one regarding whether or not the New Member has completed the participation progress sheet checklist, has completed 18 energy hours, and has consistently met the EBHC Criteria For Membership throughout their first 80 days. The GM should pass a proposal to either advance the New Member to full membership OR terminate the membership of the New Member. If the GM proposes to advance the New Member, then the “New Member period” is over.


  • At the discretion of General Membership, special arrangements can be made if the New Member and/or Buddy are unable to attend the meeting and/or if the tasks and/or hours have not been completed because of special unforeseen circumstances.
  • The “Nickel Ceremony” can take place at this GM meeting.