Specific Powers of the General Membership

1. Each Member has one (1) vote to cast in all elections and issues.*

2. Reviews, changes and adopts the Annual Budget as presented by the Management Committee.

3. Approves new Members proposed by the Membership Committee.

4. Handles termination of Members for reasons not governed by each committee.

5. Approves hiring/firing of Office Manager upon Management Committee recommendation.

6. Approves or disapproves proposed structure or physical changes proposed by House & Grounds.

7. Can pass any rules or regulations pertaining to use and occupancy of the cooperative units as long as            

    the rules and regulations do not violate the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Occupancy Agreement,  

    or Oregon State laws.

8. Is the custodian of the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

9. Can remove the President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary.

10. Shall set the GM agendas as follows:


Agenda Review

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting Time/Place/Facilitators

Old Business

New Business

Committee Reports



*Members who maintain their Membership but temporarily relocate off-site for any reason, including construction on their dwelling, retain their voting rights.   However, they must attend a meeting in person in order to cast a vote.  Membership is considered retired upon the distribution of the Membership Fee. [4-21-07]