Rotating Work Policy


Each Member household is expected to complete 1 hour of rotating work per month.  A team of two households is assigned a task area each month, and each area should take between 15 and 30 minutes per week to complete.

Rotating Work is a separate requirement from Participation Hours. The first time (month) a member fails to complete their rotating work, they are fined $10 per household. Each subsequent month, the fine increases by $10. This will continue to increase incrementally every consecutive month missed.  This means on the second month in a row of not completing rotating work a member will be assessed a $20 fine, third month a $30 fine and so on.  There is no limit to how much the fine may increase to.  

HOWEVER, the fine is assessed on the 1st of the month and must be paid no later than the 7th of the following month.  If the member fails to pay the fine by then, it will be considered late rent. 

[approved 6-4-2014]

In addition, any member that is fined for not doing rotating work for three (3) months in a row will be asked to check in with a member from Management to see if they understand this policy and/or need some extra support due to extenuating circumstances. 

[approved 9-13-2014]

A 12-month schedule is prepared by the Office Manager, which is posted on the bulletin board in the Community Room.  When a household completes their rotating work equaling an hour, the member is responsible for initialing the appropriate spot on the tally sheet.  On the first day of every new month the President or Treasurer will highlight the areas that have not been initialed and place the tally sheet on the Office Manager’s desk, who will then write in the applicable fine, which will then be assessed as part of the member’s rent.  If the member completes the work but fails to initial the tally sheet prior to the highlighting, they will still be fined a fee.  They must attend a committee meeting (usually Membership) and propose to have the fee reversed (do not ask the Office Manager to reverse a fee without prior approval from a committee).  Current Rotating work responsibility descriptions are located at the end of this section.

If a member is unable to complete a task, they are encouraged to trade tasks (or otherwise make an arrangement) with a neighbor.

These guidelines are intended to encourage active participation.