Rights & Responsibilities of Being a Member


The Cooperative is the Members.  How much Members involve themselves and share in the responsibilities determines how successful the EBHC will be.  There are many opportunities to get involved and each will be described in different sections of the manual.  Some Member responsibilities are as follows:

1. Paying all charges on time.

2. Doing job tasks assigned on the Rotating Work Schedule.

3. Joining a Committee, helping on the Newsletter, putting energy in to the Cooperative operation for at least the minimum required number of meeting/work party/rotating work hours     per quarter.

4. Maintaining their unit and surrounding area in good condition.

5. Reporting any needed repairs to the House & Grounds Committee.

6. Abiding by the house rules.

7. Attending as many GM’s a year as possible in order for quorum to met and 

action to occur. A $10 fine will be assessed for GM non-attendance unless a        member submits an analog note with any reason for non-attendance (that will be read at the GM.) An envelope will be pinned up on the bulletin board in the CR. [May 15, 2019]

The Members have a variety of rights which can be found in several different documents.  Most important of all is that as long as you treat your unit well, cooperate with others, and abide by agreed upon policies and regulations you should never be evicted from your unit.  You also have a vote on decisions reached by the Cooperative and your input is as valuable as anyone else’s.  Reading this manual and becoming familiar with its contents will help you to understand your rights as a Member.