Pet Policy

approved 2-20-2000

amended 1-21-2001

amended 7-22-2001

amended 2-23-2005

amended 11-3-2013

edited 3-26-2020

1. All owners of animals at EBHC have a responsibility to keep their pets in good health and condition.  No nuisance (excessive noise, damage to gardens, or other animals) should be caused.  All State and local ordinances and laws pertaining to pet care must be followed.

2. A pet deposit is charged to the Member upon the move-in of a pet.  In addition, when a pet owner retires as a Member of EBHC, they will be responsible for the cost of flea-bombing the unit, if necessary.

3. Any animals not covered by this policy are not allowed except by written permission from the General Membership (in the form of approval in the meeting minutes).  Any exceptions made to this policy by the GM must have the permission of the units in the immediate vicinity of the unit asking the for the exception.  The GM also reserves the right to act in the event of any emergency involving the type, number, and health of pets within EBHC.

4. LIMITATIONS – the following constitutes the limitations on pets at EBHC:

A) The maximum number of pets allowed in any unit is one (1). 

B) The maximum number of pets in any area of the Co-op are as follows:

EAST CLUSTER: 0 dog, 3 cat, 0 rabbits

WEST CLUSTER: 1 dogs, 1 indoor cat per unit, 2 outdoor cats, 0 rabbits

972 WEST 4th: 1 dog, or 1cat, or 1 rabbit

4b. WAITING LIST – If EBHC is at it’s limits on any of the above animals, any member may put themselves on a waiting list (maintained by Membership Committee) to have a pet.  As a pet vacancy occurs, members on the list will be notified of their position and possible opportunity to have a pet. [11-??-00]

DOGS –  A dog may live at EBHC only if a $200 pet deposit and $50 pet fee (edited 3.26.2020) is paid and the following criteria are met:

A) Approval from the General Membership and prospective neighbors must be obtained.

B) You will be asked to present references for your dog from former roommates, landlords and/or neighbors.

C) Proof of current City Of Eugene Dog License (with current rabies vaccination) will be required and license must be kept up-to-date while the dog is in residency.

D) Dogs must be on a leash, lead, or kept fenced at all times, except when in side owner’s unit.  Dogs must not be left outside on lead or fenced in during evening hours unless owner is at home.

E) Dogs are not allowed on the Green at any time except when on a leash accompanied by their owner.  The Green is to be kept free of poop, so owners are encouraged to have their animal poop elsewhere and/or clean up after their pet immediately.

F) Puppies (any dog under 8 months old) are allowed only with an additional $50 pet fee

G) Owners are strongly encouraged to have their animal spayed/neutered as an overpopulation deterrent.