Paint Policy

EBHC recognizes the need for personal expression and a sense of ownership for its members while preserving the quality and integrity of its property. Our goals are to support each members environmental needs, while ensuring that pains is applied in a professional, conscientious, and efficient manner in a way that keeps the needs of future members in mind. Given these ambitions and in the good faith of cooperation, the following is the EBHC Paint Policy:

All paint projects must be presented to House and Grounds. A variety of results may occur including:

1. House and Grounds recognizes the need for new paint from a functional, property maintenance point of view and if paint choices and technical skill are found appropriate for the application, House and Grounds funds project and awards hours.

2. House and Grounds finds that new paint is not functionally necessary, but if paint choices and technical skill are found to meet EBHC goals, House and Grounds can approve the project but provide no funding or energy hours.

3. House and Grounds finds the project to not meet the needs of EBHC’s goals as proposed, and denies the project.

4. House and Grounds may stipulate that the member must repaint the unit to a condition that does meet our goals upon move-out.

Note: This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of possibilities. Other outcomes, including providing hours, but not funding, may occur.

Additional Considerations

1. All leftover paint bought specifically for a unit must be stored on premises in the unit, and not in common space. The paint vendor’s label containing the tinting codes must remain intact, and the container should be labeled with the unit’s number.

2. No finished natural wood shall be painted over except in extraordinary circumstances and with House and Grounds explicit approval.

3. If EBHC undertakes interior paint projects, i.e. in preparing a unit during a vacancy and the existing paint is found to not meet our needs or cannot be matched, semi-gloss “Sandbar White” shall be used.