Moving Out

Giving Notice

If a Member household decides they want to move out of the Co-op, the EBHC Occupancy Agreement (Article 9A) requires a 30-day or a 60 day Notice of Member’s Intention to Terminate, with specific date of termination of occupancy, signed by the Member.  Once this Notice has been given to the Office Manager several different processes are begun:

1. Office Manager makes 1-2 copies of the Notice

A. Copy is given to the retiring Member

B.  Copy is given to Membership Committee

C. Copy is given to HACSA (if necessary)

D. The original is placed in the Member’s file

2. The Membership Committee notifies Members-at-large of the vacancy to facilitate applications to           


A. If no Members apply to transfer, Membership Committee will begin the new Member selection process

B. It has been recommended that when you wish to retire from the co-op that you join the Membership   

    Committee to help choose the new Member as soon as possible.

3. A Member may not rescind a 30-day notice.  A Member wishing to rescind a 60-day notice must do so      

    within the first 30 days of the notice period, and bring the matter to the next regularly scheduled GM   

    meeting to get approval for the change. (An Emergency GM may be set up to handle this, but is not     


Moving Out

Before you can receive your Membership Fee, the following things have to happen:

1. An appointment is made with the House & Grounds Committee Coordinator to perform the Pre Move-  

    Out Inspection within the first 30 days of the given notice.

A. The Member is thoroughly instructed as to:

What type of cleaning is to be done

What type of repairs are required (if any)

What monies are owing and will be due prior to vacating

NOTE:  Membership Fee deposit is not to be used as last month’s carrying charge.

2. Damages are ascertained by the inspector or a House & Grounds Coordinator and given to the   

    Member to repair by the end of the notice period.

3. Final Inspection is usually held on the last full day of occupancy or the morning immediately after, and    

    all items must be removed from the unit BEFORE the Final Inspection happens.

4. The Office Manager will prepare a final closing statement from information gathered by the 

    House & Grounds Committee inspection and the following things may be deducted from your   

    Membership transfer value:

A. Cleaning and Member-caused damage charges.

B. Replacement/repair of this manual

C. Key/lock replacement

D. Carrying charges owed.

5. Your transfer value check (less any deductions) will be mailed to a forwarding address not more than 

    30 days after vacancy.