Committee Responsibilities:

1. To publicize EBHC vacancies/membership to the local community

2. To coordinate with the office manager (and HACSA) on the selection process.

3. To screen applications and conduct reference checks.

4. Interview applicants for membership according to the adopted processes and criteria, making sure to keep accurate records of decisions, contacts, and interviews.

5. Make recommendations to the General Membership regarding members applying for transfer to vacant units.

6. Recommending new members to the General Membership at large.

7. Welcoming new members and assigning them a ‘buddy’ to orient the new member to EBHC.

8. Conduct orientations for people selected as potential members.

9. Conduct move-in inspections within the first 2-3 weeks.

10. Handle all “good cause termination” and member to member grievances.

11. Perform all tasks associated with EBHC Participation Policy when necessary. (OA, Article 10, Section B)

12. Oversee the Parent/Child Care sub-committee to coordinate child care for GM and Committee meetings, work parties, and educational/social opportunities.

13. To organize and present social/educational opportunities and workshops to members and the neighborhood.

Tasks to Implement Job Description

1. Meet with HACSA and/or Office Manager to streamline selection process and stay current with Federal Guidelines.

2. Run vacancy adds in the Eugene Weekly and post flyers in appropriate locations.

3. Upon receiving move-out notices, post notice of opportunity for members to apply for transfer , with 10 days to apply, on both bulletin boards.

4. Review transfer applications, and using “transfer criteria”, determine if any are to be recommended to the GM for approval, interviewing if necessary.

5. Review, evaluate, and amend all advertising and selection process materials: Brochure, flyers, web site, application, interview questions, and interview process.

6. Initiate, review and update the new member orientation process.

7. Obtain forms for Inspections from the office manager.

8. Monitor meeting/work party/rotating work hours for members falling behind and begin the process outlined in the “Participation Policy.”

9. Process grievance complaints for “good cause termination” according to Article 10, section D of the Occupancy Agreement.

10. Process member to member grievance complaints according to Article 11 of the Occupancy Agreement, which states that the Committee may establish a conflict resolution process which may be used to handle grievances.

11. Prepare Annual Budget for the committee, including projected expenditures, per quarter, for outreach, education, social opportunities, and child care.

12. Create and maintain a Parent/Child Care sub-committee.

13. Canvas members and EBHC committees to determine educational and social interests in order to best serve EBHC and the neighborhood.

Membership Committee Co-coordinator Responsibilities

1. Keep all committee files, minutes, and associated information organized for committee use in perpetuity.

2. Schedule meetings and work parties.

3. Notify members by posting meeting/work parties on both laundry room doors in a timely fashion.

4. Invite members to participate with the committee when necessary and appropriate.

5. Report to General Membership any need for new members to assist the committee.

6. Provide sign-in/sign-out sheet for work parties and turn in to Recorder.

7. Assist the Parent/Child Care sub-committee in developing budgetary/policy guidelines.

8. Attend Management Committee/GM meetings and provide the committee report.

  1. Post all minutes for meetings on laundry room doors, in newsletter, and in archive files.
  1. Access key box in office for members lock out of their house.

Co-coordinators can sign checks for EBHC.  (2/23/08)