Member/ Owner Upkeep Responsibilities


The upkeep of our property is the responsibility of each Member/Owner.  Since the Co-op operates on a small maintenance budget, it is to your advantage to do as much work as you are able to do yourself.  When a maintenance problem arises that you cannot take care of yourself, or is not your responsibility, notify House & Grounds.

GROUNDSKEEPING – Each unit has been provided a map of their area of responsibility including upkeep of the trees, bushes, grass areas, sidewalks and porches immediately outside your unit. All major changes in landscaping must be approved by the House & Grounds Committee with proposed changes posted on laundry room door as a House & Grounds agenda item.

GARDEN/COMPOST AREA – The west garden and compost areas are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The upkeep, maintenance, and general appearance of the garden area are the responsibility of the Members using the garden.  Members interested in finding out about space availability should contact House & Grounds.

INDIVIDUAL UNITS – The following are general areas of concern for which you are responsible.  The House & Grounds Committee should be notified of any repair you are unable to make and you will be billed to cost of the repair:

  1. Replacing light bulbs both inside and outside your living structure.
  2. Changing faucet washers and plunging stopped drains. Do not use any chemicals.
  3. Reporting broken windows; You will be billed if the breakage is your responsibility.  Members have the option to repair their own windows.
  4. Replacing broken electrical switches and cover plates.
  5. Spackling and painting over holes in walls.
  6. Replacing or repairing door hinges.
  7. If you own a pet (see Pet Policy in this section), keeping the unit free of pet-related pests (fleas, etc.).
  8. Report clogged gutters and exterior drains (annually done at Co-op expense).

Repairs for which the Member is NOT responsible will require the notification and possible approval of the House & Grounds Committee.

Reimbursement will not be granted for repairs/improvements to a unit or units that have no receipts/invoices and no prior House & Grounds approval as reflected in the minutes. [4-24-00]

If an approved repair cannot be fixed within 24 hours after approval, House & Grounds will inform the Member of when the repair will be completed.  Repairs should not be delayed over 72 hours after approval unless parts must be ordered.