House and Grounds

Updated by GM vote 8-14-2016

House & Grounds Committee is responsible for helping to facilitate the upkeep and improvement of homes, gardens and common use areas by the General Membership.

House & Grounds is not a maintenance group, therefore

maintenance skills are not a pre-requisite for being on the committee.

House & Grounds is dependent upon all co-op members to implement and complete projects.

Committee Responsibilities

1. Organizes members to do work projects to maintain and upgrade EBHC property.

2. Work with members on requested physical changes in units and refer to General Membership for approval where necessary.

3. Work with office/HACSA to make units ready for “new member” inspection, when necessary.

4. Work with member/HACSA to make units ready for annual reinspection, when necessary.

5. Facilitate the division of common garden space among interested members, as needed.

6. Maintain EBHC storage rooms, supplies and tools.

7.  Notify members by posting meeting agendas

Tasks to be done by the Committee

1. Prepare annual budget for the Committee.

2. Provide oversight for expenditures from their budget without prior

  approval from the GM.  Notify GM on a monthly basis of H&G 

expenditures including those expenditures incurred  by individual households.


Co-coordinator’s Responsibilities

1. Schedule meetings and work parties.

2. Report to General Membership any need for members to assist the committee.

3. Provide Committee reports to Management and General Membership meetings.

4. Post all minutes for meetings on laundry room doors, in newsletter, and in archive files.

5.  Co-coordinators can sign checks for EBHC.  (2/23/08)