General Membership Meetings

General Membership meetings are scheduled once a month except a break in December unless there is important business. Childcare is provided. There are two co-facilitators and written minutes are taken by the Secretary. Unless there is at least 51% of the total Membership represented at the meeting, it cannot be an official meeting and no action can take place. [quorum changed: 02/06] 

Members are encouraged to attend G.M.s as often as they can to exercise their decision-making voice, make quorum so meetings can happen, keep up to date with co-op business, and check in with how their neighbors are doing. 

If a Member can’t make the meeting, they must write a note saying as much and put it in the note box before the meeting, or they will be fined $10. [5/2019 G.M.] 

In order to get credit for GM attendance, a member must remain for 1½ hours at the meeting. [12-10-96] 

GM meetings are limited to 2 hours with a possible vote to extend H at the end. [11-14-99] Proposals to the GM are to be posted on the bulletin board. They should be clearly worded, researched, and show that they went through the proper committee for discussion and formation before being presented to the GM. [April 1996] 

The agenda for the GM meetings will be posted on the bulletin board at least five (5) days before the meeting. Any agenda items not posted on the board can still be added to the agenda if the appropriate notice is posted on both laundry room doors no later than twenty-four (24) before the meeting. Any last minute agenda items (not published or posted) can be discussed at the meeting as long as 2/3 of the Members present agree to do so. If the GM rejects a last minute item, it will automatically be added to the next appropriate meeting. 

All proposals that change information within this manual will be updated and the page (or pages) affected will be changed and distributed to the Members. It is the Member(s) responsibility to add the new page(s) and throw away the old information within this manual.