Energy Hours

  1. All energy hour slips must be signed by a coordinator before they are turned in to the office.
  1. These hours will not roll over; they need to be completed each quarter.
  1. The only recognized work party hours will be from tasks generated by a committee AND posted on each committee task list.  Any other work party not generated by committee, though beneficial, will not be credited without committee approval except for the following:
  1. *Work Party hours for GM Facilitation: Members who facilitate monthly GMs shall receive up to 3 hours of work party.  This constitutes 2 hours of meeting time and up to 1 hour of preparation time.
  2. *Work Party hours for minutes: Membership who record, copy, and distribute minutes for GM, committees, and sub-committees shall receive up to one hour work party time beyond meeting time.
  1. Reminder: Any guest here for 30 days or more must be introduced at a GM and must meet the current work party hour requirement (4 per month/12 per quarter).

REMINDER: *Members who attend a scheduled committee, sub-committee, or GM meeting where quorum is not met and who have made every attempt to contact other members, shall receive on half hour of meeting/energy time for their effort.

Addendun 3/9/07*