Parents will be responsible for the action and/or damages incurred by their children.  While Members need to have an awareness of Children’s Rights, children should be responsible and conscientious of their actions.  Of special concern is The Green which is a common area for all and should not be left littered with toys.  No weapons toys allowed in the common areas of the co-op; no violent play allowed.  Riding bikes in the townhouse center walkway is reserved for those children under 4 or those riding within the closed gates only.  The children are not allowed to play in the alley, South Parking Garden or front [4th st.] side of the co-op unless under close supervision.  Toys, clothing, and dishes need to be picked up and put away at the end of the day.  Parents are encouraged to join the “Parents/Kids” sub-committee (a part of Membership Comm.). (4-1-97)