Bid Process

Project/Job: _______________________________________________________

It will make your task so much harder if you don’t understand the project you are seeking bids on.  Have H&G create a detailed description of the work they want to have done and then go and look at the project in person to get comfortable with talking about it with a contractor.

When asking contractors to bid on a project or job, make sure the following information is included in the bid/contract they submit:

  1. State of Oregon license/bond number.
  2. Three local references of completed jobs, including those done five (5), three (3), and one (1) year ago.
  3. Name of company where materials are purchased.
  4. Detail of work to be completed (detailing EBHC vs. Contractor responsibilities).
  5. Estimated length of time to complete job.
  6. Address any safety concerns/precautions regarding hazardous materials or equipment used for the project/job.
  7. Warranty (including labor and materials) to cover craftsmanship, soundness of construction, and/or non separation of new paint from old.
  8. Payment schedule and percentage of advance payment.

Bids provided by (attach a complete copy of each bid and return to H&G):

  1. ___________________________________Date____________________
  2. ___________________________________Date____________________
  3. ___________________________________Date____________________